Build your world in the far reaches of space with XenoMiner, the new voxel-building hit from Gristmill Studios. Features an intense lunar survival theme, fully scriptable autonomous bots, futuristic tools and tech, a growing community and more to come!

XenoMiner begins as you wake up after having crash landed on Xenos, the largest moon orbiting a gas giant. With only a few batteries and oxygen tanks left in the remains of your ship, you must find a way to survive alone. Xenos is rich with ores, glowing minerals and other valuables you can use to build tools and shelter with which to survive the deadly radiation from the nearby star. But it appears that you’re not the first visitor to Xenos: Find the relics of a lost civilization and the
secrets they contain.


Official Website : http://www.gristmillstudios.com/xenominer/

Status : In development, Playable

Platform : Windows, Xbox 360

Multiplayer : No

Price : $9.99


xenominer_1100c xenominer_1100b xenominer_1100



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