Wayfarer : The Outer Reaches


Captain your ship with your friends as your crew, fly across space and land on planets with the freedom to progress, explore and survive any way you wish! Craft weapons, upgrades, items and even new ships as you explore the Stoddarian Sector.

Wayfarer: The Outer Reaches is a first person & third person, free roaming, space sandbox game from Bright Sprite Games. Play as a Wayfarer within the Stoddarian Sector and experience a unique survival adventure.

Open World Sandbox
Board your ship and explore a vast sector of the Outer Reaches. Wander the systems in search of your destiny…Whether it be making your fortune as a space pilot or venturing across planets, all offer unique environments and diverse challenges. When and where you go is entirely up to you, who will you become?

Play Solo or Co-op
Captain your ship solo or enhance the experience by inviting your friends to become part of your crew. Work together to increase your chances of survival.

Land and Space Combat
Land and space combat is a vital part of the game, you will be battling a variety of creatures and humanoids that vary from planet to planet. Have your wits about you and make sure you have the right weapon for the job.

Take Command of your Ship
Sit in the cockpit seat and take full control of your ship or stroll around its many rooms and corridors. Get your friends to man the turrets or help with repairs during intense dog fights. Heal your team mates in the Medical Bay, cook a meal in the Living Quarters or work on repairs in the Engine Room. Lower the landing gear, open the Hangar Bay door and step straight out onto a planet’s surface.

Play Your Own Way
You have the freedom to spend your time anyway you wish. Take on jobs, fight bandits, harvest minerals, claim bounties, explore the sector or craft new equipment.


Steam page : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=138262604

Status : In development, Not playable

Platform : Windows

Multiplayer : Yes

Price : N/A


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