Stardale is a large scale two dimensional open space and open world creative single and multiplayer game combining adventure, action, role playing, and strategy into one large scale universe. Players will be faced with many challenges and rewards as they begin to craft, research, develop, build, and create items, buildings, equipment, space vessels, player owned stations, and much more. Stardale sets itself apart from other similar games by allowing players to fly and play in a fully controllable open space environment. Even more, players can explore and battle in the stars, utilizing player built defence grids, industrialized production facilities, and artifacts and technologies left behind by an ancient race who have long since disappeared.

  • A fully playable open universe allowing players to battle, discover, and explore new star systems and galaxies all created with procedural generation.
  • Open procedural generated sandbox planets to build, craft, mine, and explore on.
  • Tech tree’s and research progression to advance from early technology to space age technology and beyond.
  • Customizable space shuttles and vessels that allow players to mount weapons, gear, research equipment, warfare components, and science modules.
  • Planet control for players to claim planets and protect them from invaders.
  • Space control for players to control regions of space by protecting them with defence grids.
  • Player owned stations for research, industry, mining, manufacturing, warfare, or defence.
  • Manufacturing plants, research labs, and industrializers to forge items, process ores, and create in-game industries.
  • Intergalactic trade hubs for players to buy/trade/sell items, ships, and gear with in-game currency.
  • Large and small scale mobs and bosses both in-space and deep underworld.
  • Player activated events including bosses, plagues, and disasters.
  • Creative and survival mode.
  • Single or multiplayer.
  • Amazing pixel artwork by an artist with tons of experience working on other games including “Batman” and “Thor” for Nintendo DS.


Official Website :

Status : In development

Platform : Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4

Multiplayer : Yes



  1. New Game : Stardale - Sandbox Games October 5, 2014 6:07 pm 

    […] Stardale is a game of infinite possibilities with procedural generated worlds, star systems, and galaxies, all explorable by players in a multiplayer universe. Each planet is its own sandbox and the universe itself is a galactic size sandbox. Players can build, craft, explore, battle, research, develop economies, and quest in a universe that is ever expanding and changing – waiting for you to make your mark and shape its future. […]

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