RuinValor is a sandbox game currently in developement.

Here are the words of it’s creator about the future features:

  • Destructible World: Build, destroy, and rebuild as many times as you like. The world is fully dynamic and will mold to your every will and desire!
  • Advanced Crafting: Take part in one of the most advanced crafting systems found in any game. Save recipes that you have learned and share them with your friends! Craft epic level items with an advanced in game system requiring you to time your crafting skills depending on the crafting type put in place.
  • Custom Crafting Elements: Take the base crafting system and mold it to work for any type of crafting method you can think of. Smelting, leather working, cooking, and whatever else comes to your mind. This system can be easily modified to support whatever type of crafting you could conceive and in doing so allow for a truly dynamic feeling.
  • Augmentation System: Further customize your weapons, armor, and items with an augmentation system. Use anything that you find in the world and apply its properties to the new things you craft/find/obtain. Want a frying pan of vampirism? Find a vampire and take its remains and cook some food with it! Walla you now have a frying pan that does vampire damage!
  • Own Land/Control Regions: Claim land and regions based off of the size of your city/nation. The more buildings you create the more land you can acquire.
  • Clans and War: Create parties, groups, and alliances to control different sections of the land. Go to war with other groups/alliances to try and control their land.
  • Modular Design: As a server owner remove or add elements of our core game as you see fit. Want to host a pvp server where the main purpose is fighting? Remove all crafting and building and let them go at it with just their skills and character creation. All of this is done with a few clicks of the mouse!
  • Constant Updates: Just as we will have our player base generating content we will be doing so as well. Our goal is to have monthly or bi-monthly updates that will add new content such as weapons, items, armor, crafting tools, war machines, UI elements, shaders, and much more. Our game is a living product and we do not plan to abandon the development process once it has been released.


Official Website :

Status : In development

Platform : Windows, Linux

Multiplayer : Yes

Price : N/A


ruinvalor_screenshot1 ruinvalor_screenshot2 ruinvalor_screenshot3

ruinvalor_screenshot4 ruinvalor_1816 ruinvalor_1816b



  1. riuthamus April 13, 2014 9:50 pm 

    We have updated a bit, do you mind updating this post to reflect those changes? I can help you if needed


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