It’s your universe to shape. Patterns is an ever-expanding 3D space, where you’ll construct simple and complex structures as you harvest substances and discover new shapes that can be used to enhance your creativity.

Patterns starts at a low level with simple, basic shapes and allows you to expand your universe as you add together other shapes to make more and more elaborate constructs. Build large scale structures that reach high into the sky or bridges that traverse wide chasms. Use your constructions to reach new areas and break out of your space to discover other worlds.

Be careful! Each substance contains different physical properties that can cause your creations to tumble, crumble or crash down to the ground. Will your creations withstand the power of gravity?


Official Website :

Status : In development, Playable

Platform : Windows, Mac

Multiplayer : Yes


patterns_1506 patterns_1506b patterns_1506c

patterns_1506d patterns_1506e patterns_1506f



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