Latura is a voxel-based sandbox game currently in development by Fallen Moon, focused around allowing the player to create and destroy, survive harsh terrains, explore amazing landscapes, and adventure to the furthest reaches of space.

You can advance your technology using the resources available to you in order to invent and forge new creations, pushing you beyond simply trying to fight for your survival, but to explore beyond your own stars.

Inspired by games such as Minecraft, Infiniminer, Spore and Dwarf Fortress, Latura puts not only the world – but also the universe – at your fingertips.


Official Website :

Status : In development, not playable

Platform : Windows, Mac, Linux

Multiplayer : No

Price : N/A


latura_0230a latura_0230b latura_0230c

latura_0230d latura_0230e latura_0230f

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