Dragon Stronghold


Dragon Stronghold is a sandbox game that transports player to the world of floating islands inhabited by dragons and other creatures. 

Main features of the game
  • Infinite procedurally generated world 
  • Deformable voxel-based terrain with huge view distance 
  • Building combines classic block placement and smooth voxel sculpting 
  • Player could tame a dragon that helps in combat and allows player to ride it 
  • Each island is unique and consists of mountains, caves, minerals, foliage, treasures, monster bases etc. 
  • Crafting of items 
  • Crafting of weapon mechanics by combining runes. For instance magic wand with “fire” and “ball” runes shoots fireballs; with “ice” and “ray” runes shoots ray that instantly hits and freezes an enemy. Same applies to dragons. 
  • Survival. Player should look for food, build shelter to protect from hostile creatures 
  • Islands have different difficulty. Hard difficulty islands will have monsters spawned in waves, in return such islands will feature rare ores and items 
  • No particular game ending goal 
  • Multiplayer


Official Website : http://dragonstronghold.com/

Status : In development

Platform : Windows

Multiplayer : Yes


dragon-stronghold_2357a dragon-stronghold_2357b dragon-stronghold_2357c



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