Blockland is an online multiplayer game where you build things with bricks in an FPS environment. The game provides the tools and you build the experience you want to have.

Originally released in 2004, Blockland has gone through many iterations and improvements over the years and now contains many advanced features:

  • Shaderized graphics with real time shadows and day/night cycles
  • Minigame and gamemode systems for deathmatch and other scenarios
  • Super cool brick physics
  • Robust Add-On system for user created content
  • In-game event system for building interactive elements
  • Advanced scripting support using Torque Script
  • Proven multiplayer networking architecture
  • Dedicated server support


Official Website :

Status : Released

Platform : Windows, Mac

Multiplayer : Yes


blockland_458658d blockland_95710780 blockland_95710780b

blockland_95710780c blockland_95710780e



  1. Xanderian April 9, 2013 11:31 pm 

    Blockland isn’t in development, and hasn’t been for over 3 years. He seems to be updating it quite rapidly pretty recently, but it’s not in development and can be bought for $20.


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