Planets³ Become Stellar Overload

With the release of its Alpha 2 version, Planets³ is now called “Stellar Overload“.

There are three reasons behind this : a legal reason (trademark deposit), a better name being directly linked to the story and a name more compatible with web standard.

This new version introduces the craft system, exploration of 6 different biomes and a new enemy.


  • Introduced a new part of the story, taking place after the Cognitron Mineshaft: The Rokh Camp
  • Renamed the game to Stellar Overload


  • Added the crafting system to the game, with 72 recipes
  • Added crafting stations
  • Added medkits and food recipes to restore health
  • Added containers
  • Added new crafted materials
  • Added 3 new weapons
  • Added different types of ammunition to fire with weapons


  • Added biomes: taiga, tundra, inlandsis, temperate forest, arid desert and grassland
  • Biomes are now chosen using more realistic rules based on temperature and humidity
  • Changed the terrain generation algorithm. Added mountains, plains, and so on
  • Worked on underground zone generation: crystal in caves, mineral lodes, different types of blocks depending on the current underground zone, and so on
  • Used many new materials and vegetation to populate the new biomes
  • Added a core to the planet
  • Added new animals: new hedgehog, white tiger, foxe, fennec, glowworm
  • Added structures with treasure chest across the planet
  • Added hackable dead robot from which you can learn new recipes


  • Added a jetpack
  • Added a flash light
  • Added Glowblocks, craftable blocks emitting light
  • Cactus and magma now deal damage when touched


  • Added many new sounds and replaced old ones
  • Added new musics
  • Added new ambiances for each biomes
  • Smooth transition of ambiances


  • Added Arkluoids, a new type of ennemy, and their infestation nests around the planet
  • Added tier (from Tier 1 to Tier 3) to zones of the planet, representing the level of the area
  • Added pickup item when you kill a creature, destroy a chest, break blocks or drop an item from your inventory
  • Added secondary fire mode to some weapons


  • Added detailed textures to blocks, and other cool shader effects
  • Added an option to activate shadows (this is experimental)
  • Activated temporal anti aliasing


  • Added beacons on screen to locate distant point of interests
  • Added tooltips when rolling over items, or aiming at blocks with a digging tool
  • Added a first version of the craft window when using crafting stations
  • Improved first person view
  • Most of the item icons are now rendered using our engine
  • We generate the item icons during the loading of the game, but as a consequence the loading time is now increased
  • Added an autosave every 2 minutes. This can be configured in the option window.


  • Added a prototype of blueprints in creative mode, to make copy/paste and import/export models between savegames. This is experimental
  • You can now build and destroy metablocks
  • In creative mode, you can now place prefabs we used for the game (trees, bush, and so on)
  • The digging tools now have an automatic digging mode when you keep the mouse button pressed
  • You can gather special items when digging the world, eg: berries on bushes
  • You can now apply a symmetry to the block/blueprint you are placing in the world, using ALT+R / ALT+T / ALT+Y by default.


  • Temporary deactivated multiplayer. We had some major issues, and chose to reactivate it in the next release.


  • Trees no longer appear/disappear when changing the level of detail.
  • Flower and trees don’t fly above cave holes anymore.


  • Sometimes some item icons are very dark.

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