Unturned 3rd Person View

Unturned has been updated to version on the Preview branch and the major new feature is the 3rd person view.

Press H to swap to 3rd person view and Q/E to swap shoulders. If you have a mouse the middle mouse button works very well as a view swap key. 


  • Added 3rd person mode. 
  • Added swap perspective key. [Default H]


  • Improved forward/backward leaning to match the range of pitch available. 
  • Improved vehicle barricades to destroy when it explodes rather than when it despawns. 
  • Improved appearance of vehicle tires when turning. 
  • Improved leaning to only start a bit after pressing the key to avoid twitching when accidentally pressing. 
  • Improved items on easy mode to spawn with full quality and amount. 
  • Improved wall camera blocking.


  • Tweaked range of impact audio a bit higher. 
  • Tweaked chainsaw damage a bit lower.


  • Fixed consistency of larger fonts. 
  • Fixed trap state not getting set causing no damage. 
  • Fixed player kills/deaths capped at 1000. 
  • Fixed crash when placing some barricades.

Right now 3rd person is only disabled on hard servers for the sake of more people to test, but in the future it will be a server option.


Source : http://unturned-servers.net/blog/88/unturned-update-3990/


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