Dead Or Alive ?

First, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2015 with hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come… And many hours of gaming.

We will start this year by a little summary about the state of games that we haven’t talked about since a long time. Are they still in development or abandoned?


The latest news for this game was published on IndieDB in December 2012 and the website of the game is down. So it looks really dead.

Age of Blocks

Last post from the author was posted on October 2013. There is currently no official website and no more news since, so dead also.


Since its release on Steam, Blockscape has been very discreet, with a last update/patch published on July 2014. But as a devlog was published on December 2014, promising a new update soon, we will believe that the development continue.

Cube World

With a last patch in July 2013 and a last tweet from the developer in June 2014, we could easily consider Cube World as dead. But something in our mind refuse to believe that such a promising game would be abandoned like this.

Wollay if you read this, a little tweet is not much but it would be so nice for the important amount of people who bought your game. It’s something that people call it : “the respect”.


No news since December 2013 and the official website leading to a japanese website, we don’t need more to consider it as dead.


No news since April 2014 on IndieDB and an official website down. This does not looks good.

Infinite Pixels

Few weeks ago, the game has been officialy announced as cancelled on Desura. We will come back on this in a future news.


Last version of Mythruna was published in June 2012 and no more official news since. But in the forum, Paul, the developer, seems to continue to work on it.

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