7 Days To Die Alpha 10

Two days ago, 7 Days To Die has been updated to Alpha 10 version on Steam. Alpha 10 code “The Apocalypse Release” is one of the biggest update for this game.

This new version includes :

  • a new character creation system with face/body morphing and visible clothing
  • our new zombie horde world heat map system
  • a new wellness system which tracks eating habits and disease
  • a new model based destructible/upgradable door system
  • an enhanced buff system with criticals, hunger, thirst and lighting zombies on fire
  • a brand new sexier easier to use server browser
  • a new random gen township system for dynamic small towns in every biome
  • Linux client and dedicated server support
  • offline mode support
  • a world destruction art pass
  • over a dozen new locations including gun stores with signs
  • concrete upgradable fort building
  • farming overhaul
  • a multitude of fixes

You can find the full changelog here : http://7daystodie.com/alpha-10-apocalypse-release-is-out/

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