The Forest Alpha 6

The Forest Alpha 6 has been released on Steam with resettable traps, better looking, gameplay tweaks, bug fixes and improvements.

  • A.I. – New tribe type added – starving cannibal! Will eat fallen comrades
  • A.I. – Different tribes will now interact with each other, hunting, stalking, killing and eating each other
  • Real caustics added to water
  • All traps can be reset
  • 5x new plant types added
  • Added press space to skip tutorial to opening plane crash
  • Wall built can now be destroyed by hitting it with axe, giving you back resources
  • Improved terrain spec and (finally) fixed water accumulation when raining, added new sharp rock terrain texture to under lakes
  • Improved cave lighting! Better looking settings for skull lights and less light popping on/off
  • More combat balance and a tweak on weapon settings
  • Performance and memory improvements

Full Changelog :


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