7 Days To Die Alpha 9 With Random Worlds

7 Days To Die Alpha 9 has been released with a multitude of new additions, improvements and fixes. The biggest addition is our beautiful new Randomly Generated Worlds A.K.A. Randomz-gane which have full gigantic cities, roads, rivers, lakes, cliffs, mountains, roadside and wilderness locations and feature all biome types.

They have also reworked the entire in game GUI with new Art, Truetype fonts and many new features including fog of war, waypoints, friend tracking and recipe search.

If that wasn’t enough, they  added some major Buff System enhancements including, Broken Legs, Sprained Legs, Dysentery, Drowning, Concussions and First Aid Kits. Also including a new rendering enhancements including soft shadows and underwater effects. In addition the player can now craft a full cloth armor set and use scrap iron build and upgrade forts.

Source : http://7daystodie-servers.com/blog/26/7-days-to-die-alpha-9/

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