Spark Rising Demo : Titan Rising

A new demo for Spark Rising has been released few days ago. This demo contains :

  • New art style – Dusk!
  • New decorative blocks, used for, what else, decoration
  • Turrets that can be commandeered to fight for you
  • 2 types of enemies
  • New HUD design we’re testing out
  • New sample soundtrack
  • Titan! Not quite Titanfall. More like Titan Rising! Ha.

This Gaiden, version 3 (a “gaiden” is a contained experience, bit of a side adventure for us to test new features and gather feedback), is a pre-alpha demo map used to highlight the new art style we’re playing around with and also show a Titan! We call it Titan Rising:) Or in layman, it’s a prototype for how a boss might work.

You can download this demo here :

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