Brutal Nature 0.39

Brutal Nature 0.39 has been released few days ago with new option menu, furniture, movement and grapple physics. You can download this new version here :

Brutal Nature is now also on Steam Greenlight.


  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added Options Menu
  • Added beds. Clicking on a bed now sets your spawn point and shows up as a point on your radar.
  • Added New installer for client.
  • Added sound for active smelters and campfires.
  • Added drop down list control
  • Added support for saving settings to Brutal Nature.cfg
  • Added mouse wheel scrolling support to list box and scroll bar control.
  • Added check box control.
  • Added Slider control.
  • Added scripted support for adding sound to objects.
  • Added chairs.
  • Added instant Player death if he leaves world bounds.
  • Added Grapple disconnecting if the object or terrain its connected to is destroyed.
  • Added Buy Game button to escape menu.
  • Added small delay before client can move after server moves the player a large distance.
  • Changed Esc to clear chat.
  • Changed Backspace to no longer close chat when empty.
  • Rewrote movement and grapple code.
  • Rewrote escape menu.
  • Rewrote the backup player collision code used when a player is inside terrain.
  • Reduced vertex memory used by water by 75%
  • Reduced terrain damage caused by grapple hook.
  • Removed hard coding of terrain texture locations.
  • Improved error reporting on missing mod files.
  • Lowered the precision that most numbers are displayed as.
  • Lowered jump endurance usage by 30%.
  • Moved FPS counter slightly.
  • Locked edit distance in standard edit mode to prevent confusing state where standard edit mode behaves poorly.
  • Fixed Party menu to now show name of party you are in when you rejoin the game.
  • Fixed walking sounds not controlled by volume controls.
  • Fixed bug where the ocean was surrounded by walls.
  • Fixed object culling using frustum of last frame instead of current frame.
  • Fixed leak in flush branches function
  • Fixed cavern generator producing disconnected caverns.

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