Blockscape snapshot 5710.1963

A new snapshot of Blockscape has been released yesterday. The snapshot 5710.1963 brings a lot of changes :

[x] Add another voxel flag that signals if player added the block
[x] Fix space between vertical birch planks
[x] Bed
[x] Fix flower leaves
[x] Remove demo version
[x] Paint tool icon
[x] Fluids tool icon
[x] Paint
[x] Remove paint
[x] Save/Load State model paint
[x] Material locking for paint tool
[x] Material replace tool renamed to “Material paint”
[x] Paint State models
[x] Rename “Survival” to “Play the game”
[x] Rename “God” to “Just build”
[x] New recipe: Linseed Oil (requires crafting station “stove”) (1 x flax plant)
[x] New recipe: textile (requires crafting station “workbench”) (1 x flax plant)
[x] New plant: Flax (Tall plant with blue flowers. Used to extract oil)
[x] Recipe in crafting screen should show color coded ingredients
[x] Dye
[x] New crafting station: Stove
[x] New recipe: Stove (requires crafting station “furnace”)
[x] New recipe: white dye (8 x white flower)
[x] New recipe: light gray dye (4 x white flower)
[x] New recipe: yellow dye (8 x yellow flower)
[x] New recipe: pale yellow dye (4 x yellow flower)
[x] New recipe: pink dye (8 x pink flower)
[x] New recipe: light pink dye (4 x pink flower)
[x] Tools now give an advantage based on the material they are made of
[x] Organic materials should have a round material sample in inventory and hud
[x] vcube was accidentically loaded in some cases
[x] upgraded user changes logic to be more solid (no more cheating with voxel tools in survival)
[x] Fixed plants turning into light blocks when using sculpt or smoothing tools
[x] New property for models: material_group
[x] All body parts, tools and apparel must be state models from now on.
[x] Setting something on the player model will now remove it from the inventory
[x] Mining/placing animation, sound and logic is now directly connected.
[x] You can now set current tool/weapon by dragging something on to the player model
[x] The mining operation is done with the current tool/weapon set on the player model but the mining shape is derived from the active building tool.
[x] Player model customization is now saved/loaded correctly
[x] Store is_smooth on cube_type and inherit to childs (body parts should always be smooth?)
[x] Should not be able to place floating block on top of each other
[x] Fixed a rare game crash caused by starfish generation
[x] New console command: inputsmoothing x (toggles “cinematic” camera on and off)
[x] Fixes and engine improvements for processors with hyperthreading (lag should be gone now)
[x] Added upper body to player model (not final but very close)
[x] Textile material should be blocky but smooth
[x] Textile material should not use material transitions
[x] Textile material should use vertex coloring for different colors
[x] The dummy rock materials should not be present in the inventory
[x] Removed some errors in plank decal texture patterns
[x] Material paint can now be used on plastic
[x] Painted surfaces and material transitions doesn’t work
[x] Removing blocks should remove paint!
[x] Fixed some water reflection rendering glitches near beaches
[x] Fixed several issues with material transitions
[x] More of the border faces needs to be added for the smac to work correctly
[x] Adding all of them now. Need to remove some of them in a later stage
[x] Do dithered blend instead of alpha of new vertex buffers (fixes alpha transparency issues)
[x] Fixed some night sky texturing error
[x] Disabled materials in inventory doesn’t look disabled
[x] FXAA (configuration option in next snapshot)
[x] Added a bunch of image post processing shaders to get a more filmic look (configuration option in next snapshot)




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