Patterns 0.06

Version 0.06 of Patterns has been released. This new version add some new features such as a locked camera view, new flat worlds to build on and more power added to the Substance Editor.

Substance pack editor
— New graphic properties can be modded to change the look of substances in game:

  • Specular-  Basically the shininess of the texture.  This uses a grayscale only palette with white being the most shiny. Color images are converted to grayscale.
  • Occlusion-  Used to map darker and lighter pixels resulting in a texture with an illusion of relief.  Brick and bonestone are good examples of this technique. This can be used to create hot spots and shadows on substances. This also uses a grayscale palette and color images will be converted.
  • Illumination-  Enables the glow and light emission effect for materials.   Lava and moonstone are good examples of this technique.. White to black is the range with white being the most illuminating.  Default color is black.
  • Metal-  Affects the metallic quality of a substance. The default is black with white being the most metallic.

— HD setting option doubles the texture resolution when working in the substance pack editor.

Save data reorganization 
— Worlds are now saved into their own directory with world data and the lua config file.

  • As those worlds get loaded in game a new folder for that world and its save files will be created in “\\user\LindenLab\Patterns\WorldData”.  All subsequent saves will be saved to their own subdirectory under “WorldData”

— When saving we now create a screenshot of the game in view at the point of saving.  This file will be placed in the world’s directory.

New Features

  • Genesis Plane Square:  Elegant, simple, and square.
  • Genesis Plane Strip:  Perfect for your flat world and elongated projects.
  • Added lock camera option to the Scene Settings. You can use this to control the use of the camera and player experience in worlds shared on the Cosmos.

Bug fixing and house cleaning

  • Removed Hypatia V due to performance issues.
  • Fixed “collection challenge” bug where the challenge mode persisted across multiple worlds.
  • Fixed the saved game time stamp bug.
  • Fixed Multiplayer bug that prevented clients from placing saved patterns in hosted worlds.
  • Fixed the Patterns inventory not being synced in network multiplayer.
  • Hitting the repeat build key (the “C” key by default) to repeat the shape placement should now work as intended.
  • Removed username from default save file name.
  • Fixed not being able to “Like” more than one Cosmos world during a game session.



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