Masterspace 2.4

Masterspace version 2.4 is now available. This new version adds a new original soundtrack, new player model, difficulty levels, new Tools and lot of bug fixes.

Masterspace is a game about mining, creating and exploring, featuring fully destructible environments and spaceships that allow you to travel between different planets. Use explosives to mine metal ores or watch your newly constructed home get smashed to pieces by a meteorite impact. As you venture into space to discover new planets, the hull integrity of your custom built spaceship will be tested.

You can download the free version of Masterspace 2.4 here :


New features:

  • New original soundtrack by Roland La Goy
  • New main theme and ten in-game tracks
  • New player model with lots of new equipment
  • Difficulty levels: Casual, Normal and Hardcore
  • New tools: Tunneler, Quality Shovel and Master Shovel
  • Production may now be reversed in most objects
  • Item tooltips in construction and production menus added
  • Saving of client data in multiplayer

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed perk point reset bug
  • Fixed water in space bug
  • Fixed inventory bug in editor
  • Fixed Deflectors to lower meteorite frequency
  • Fixed glass deposition
  • Editor mode is now functional in multiplayer
  • Fixed sell resources for client
  • Fixed network sync of planet rotation


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