Lugdunon Alpha 0.5.11

Lugdunon Alpha 0.5.11 has been released few days ago.

Update Summary for Lugdunon, Jan. 15, 2014.   
Alpha 0.5.11 release:  Important features include currency (gold, silver and copper), NPC vendors in marketplace, NPC triggered actions, default world updates, a new crafting discipline – Goldsmithing, which allows players to craft coins from precious metal for use as currency, new items including limestone and timber houses, silver ore nodes and bars, along with recipes for each, and bug fixes.
The date for Beta release is also know.

Lugdunon now has a beta release date set for February 28, 2014. Work over the next six and a half weeks will focus on getting bugs fixed, performance improvements, and wiki documentation. Once beta is released, Lugdunon will require purchase to play. During beta, the price will start at a discounted rate before slowly ramping up to full price for the v1.0 release.

Lugdunon will be priced as a one-time cost per account. There will be no recurring subscription costs, nor will there be any additional fees for running your own server. The final cost has yet to be decided on, but will be made available in the next week or two.


  1. Lancifer January 21, 2014 6:49 am 

    Two words come to mind when I sat with my husband playing this game over the weekend…Simple Pleasures. It is a game that I would recommend to someone who is looking to find something fun and slightly addictive.
    Another bright point is that the devs are not only receptive to feedback and suggestions, but they also appear to be very nice people who want to interact with the community that they are trying to bring together in this cute little world.
    A+ guys. I hope these guys have success into the upcoming beta and beyond.

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