Asteria 1.2

A new version of Asteria has been released few days ago, with controller support and several game improvements. We have learn also that Asteria might be showing up on consoles someday soon.

You can buy Asteria here :


  • Minor changes to Vesuvius
  • Map removed hole in the ground and added some gold
  • Added more iron to map generation
  • Added GUI toggle hotkey (F11)
  • Readjusted penetrate flame drake hit box
  • Changed disrupter length
  • Moved platform in Sky Realm
  • Increased boss rewards
  • Finished Slider control
  • Renamed turbo to Obsidian and Ultra to Einsteinium
  • GamePad multiplayer support now works
  • Lowered collision damage on trooper, brunen and turret
  • Lowered darksteel crafting ingredient to 5
  • Lowered ectoplasm core crafting ingredient to 10
  • […]

Full changelog and source :


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