Updates of the last week

Brutal Nature 0.33

Version 0.33 for Brutal Nature has been released for both client and server.

  • Fixed all known bugs.
  • Added 4 new models by Vurt: Pine tree, Berry bush, Bush and mushroom. Berry bush also has an alternate texture without berries.
  • Added 18 music tracks to the game written by Kevin MacLeod
  • Added 2 new harvestable plants: Berry bush and mushroom.
  • Added new gunshot sound effects for most weapons.
  • Added new action sounds for pump action shotgun.
  • Added mouseover effect on recipe ingredients in smelter menu to indicate they are clickable.
  • Added volume controls to BrutalNature.cfg
  • Added individual round reloading for pump action shotgun with ability to interrupt reloading to fire.
  • Added flora biomes.
  • Added new sound effects for harvesting berry bushes and mushrooms.
  • Added support for different shaders to be loaded depending on model export parameters.
  • Rebalanced weapon costs.
  • Improved audio code.
  • Moved the code that spawns trees on world generation to a script.
  • Fixed bug with flashlight position being one frame behind.
  • Fixed bug with area editing mode.
  • Fixed biomes changing improperly on chunk boarders.
  • Fixed bug in ref counting class.

Download : http://brutalnature.com/download

Masterspace 2.3

Masterspace v2.3 has been released, introducing a lot of new creatures. This includes tiger humanoids, hydras and basilisks on the ground, as well as terrifying dragons that dominate the skies. This update also introduces a new class of stationary mobs, such as monster mushrooms and man-eating plants. New terrestrial animals have also been added, including giraffes and elephants.


Space Engineers 01.008.004

Space Engineers 01.008.004 has been released. The drill for small  ships and astronaut has been enabled. The drill can be used for harvesting ore from asteroids.


Infinite Pixels 0.4.1

Infinite Pixels 0.4.1 features a new leveling system/skillpoints, improved particles/fx, new fighting mechanics and much more.


Cube Arena Pre Alpha 1.02

Cube Arena Pre-Alpha 1.02 is available for download! This update include a new toundra planet generation and a new quest system.


 7 Days To Die Alpha 4.1

Alpha 4.1 is a small fix for 7 Days To Die Alpha 4.0 that was released one week ago.


Alpha 4 Changelog: http://7daystodie.com/alpha-4-is-available-for-consumption/

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