Synthetic World Prerelease 0.2

Soon the version 0.2 of StaudSoft’s Synthetic World will be released. This version introduces a construction table, boxes, chest, lamps, torches and more stuff:

  • Construction Table: Used to construct basic stuff and materials. Only allows the creation of low tech equipment
  • Table: Used to create food
  • 3D Printer (not seen in the video): used to create 21th century technology (and of course you need rare materials to create this)
  • Furniture like chairs, stools
  • Boxes, Chests, Cabinets, Shelfs: You can store your items in them, so that they don’t get lost when you die.
  • Bed: If you don’t like the night or the day you can sleep in the bed and let the time pass.
  • Lights, Torches, Lamps: You can create your own lights and place them everywhere.
  • Pistole: Must be created with the 3D Printer. You also must craft the ammo.
  • Stick: This can be crafted out of wood.
  • Sword: The next step if you found iron
  • Knife: If you do not have enough iron for a sword.

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