StarForge Update 0.5

The version 0.5 of StarForge has been released this week-end on Steam, after a long period without update.

This version add new features (Terrain digging, Drill weapon, Storage containers, Survival Mode), changes/improvements (Improved procedural terrain, Performance increase, Improved ShockTree engine, Ambient occlusion) and bug fixes.

===New Features===
– Procedural terrain fully integrated with all game modes
– Tunnels will now be generated in the ground
– Terrain digging!
– Use the craftable Drill weapon
– Changes are saved
– Storage containers are replacing Pallets
– Storage containers are not generated automatically. You must craft more if you want to store more.
– Store whatever you want inside (by pressing the ‘E’ key)
– Pick them up to move them around (by pressing the ‘Q’ key)
– Chests will now spawn in the environment
– Chests will contain either blueprints or weapons.
– Blueprints unlock crafting for all types of items. Ex: Weapons, vehicles and tilesets.
– The player can now craft a bed that allows them to skip to day time
– Player is able to place material on the ground using the drill
– Use ctrl + mouse wheel to select what material to use.
– Enemies have a chance to spawn inside of tunnels, watch out!
– Enemies will now spawn at night, seek shelter!
– Added basic RPG elements allowing the player to get better at crafting over time

===Changes and Improvements===
– Fort defence has seen significant redesign and balance updates
– Improved procedural terrain
– Visual improvements to textures
– Performance increase
– Pallets have been removed
– Acquired resources are now stored in your inventory (up to a maximum amount)
– Improved ShockTree engine
– Performance increase
– More intelligent placement
– Better transitions between LoDs
– Thicker, more varied forests
– Added grass/bushes/brush
– Trees sway when hit
– Trees can be chopped down
– New VAT graphics/design.
– Tooltips have been added to the crafting screen
– Tutorials are now displayed for basic controls
– Added a loading screen for while critical content is being generated
– Changed how blueprints work
– Player no longer starts with all blueprints available
– Each game mode has a different selection of blueprints that are available
– Player can unlock blueprints during game play
– Added custom tile set blocks (ramps + stairs)
– Added a beam of light to the vat so the player can find home again
– Players can now specify what port is being used in multiplayer (Thank you for pointing this out FritzBox users! <3)
– Adjusted player chat colors
– Adjusted rendering
– Ambient occlusion
– Global fog
– Reduced logging, as it affects performance significantly
– Several significant internal improvements, giving performance increase

===Bug Fixes===
– Character will no longer fall through the terrain on start up
– Fixed some strange behaviour with the skybox
– Saving now works for all properties of power components
– Various other bug fixes


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