Small updates of the last week

Minecraft 1.7.4

Version 1.7.4 of Minecraft has been released last week. This new version add the Chicken Jockeys, broadcasting to, new Mojang splash screen, 38 bugfixes and some minor enhancements.

Minecraft 1.7.4 Changelog :

Minecraft 1.7.4 Servers :

Space Engineers 1.010.008

Space Engineers update 1.010.008 has been released with more settings for Rotors.

– rotor now applies forces realistically to both bodies
– added rotor torque setting
– added rotor braking torque setting
– added rotor target velocity setting
– added rotor limits setting
– added ingot icons and models
– increased maximum angular velocity
– updated localization

– fixed inventory crash
– fixed beacon shining without electricity
– fixed rotor loading issues
– fixed rotor exploding issues
– fixed other rotor issues
– fixed issue when landing gear is locked to asteroid and asteroid is drilled
– fixed missing edges on block cubes
– fixed issues caused by ore leaving game area


Infinite Pixels 0.4.3

Infinite Pixels update 0.4.3 has been released on Desura few days ago. This small update added more trees, 2 more enemy types and something that we cannot understand from the changelog.


Patterns 0.05

Patterns update 0.05 has been released on Steam few days ago. This update added new settings for World, Sky, Lighting and Effects. And of course, several bug fixes.


Darkout Hotfixes

Few days after its release on Steam, two hotfixes for Darkout has been released.



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