Planet Explorers Alpha 0.7

After almost 5 months, a new version for Planet Explorers has been released. The changelog is rather huge, so it seems that it was worth the waiting.



Recreated Creation Editor, allowing many more features including custom textures, rotating templates
Iso Converter to convert old Isos to the new system
New grass system
New tree types and models
New redstone canyon biome
New desert biome
New set environments
New storyline extensions and missions
New NPC characters
Grappling gun
10+ New land animals
New fish types
New enemy types
New mineral layout
Mineralogical scanner
Tweaked terrain textures
NPC characters can now sleep, eat, work, defend, and communicatewith each other
Followers can follow in formation
Followers job system
Followers can throw grenade
Grenade can damage terrain
Chen can now shoot (yay)
New NPC display UI
Drone folower for a NPC
New building system with 0.5 meter blocks and angles with 24+ types of blocks
Ability to save new building system blocks
New texture types for building system
Colony buildings now use block system
Colony buildings are now defined by objects within and not the entire building from the Creation Editor
Fertilizer sprayer
Ability to plant crops
Ability to get seeds and fruits from some plants
Crops have growth cycle
CPU voxel based rendering option (in options)
Fixed various story bugs
Random towns in Adventure Mode
NPCs in Adventure Mode
Missions in Adventure Mode
Adventure mode starts with basic items
Redid animal spawn code
New player attack animations
New player inertia based animation
Versus mode in Multiplayer
Better administration abilities in multiplayer (ban, delete, clean, block, etc.)
Max ocean view distance is now set to terrain distance
New alien animations
New player and NPC idle animations
Changed world map to 3D vector map
NPC behavior system in colony
Shorter day/night cycles in multiplayer
Sleep and food influences hp
Added world map to Adventure Mode and Multiplayer
Giant robot enemy in Adventure Mode
New second moon in the sky
New third moon in the sky
Invert mouse in gun mode
Invert mouse in FP mode
Can run into alien troops in the wild
Able to get water
Solar power generator
Able to recharge batteries
Added Factory building prefabs, the enhancement machine, the recycle machine, and the repair machine
Enchancement machine can enhance weapons and shields
Recycle machine can break apart objects into the original resources
Repair machine can repair vehicles
Vehicle weapons now uses energy from fuel cells
New furnitures
New valuable item drops from animals
New food items
Place-able lights and plants
New rocket sentry type (sentry type 02)
Options to turn on/off IK, water reflection, depth blur, and more
Changed item make up for lots of replications

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