Cube Arena Pre Alpha 1.05

Cube Arena Pre Alpha 1.05 is available for download ! This update include an improved gameplay and an item drawer system.

You can download the demo here:


  • No longer display damage dealt/received by defaut
  • More punitive death : you loose all your money
  • An new player start with 0$ instead of 500$
  • Merchant menu : “500$ (+50$)” removed
  • Elite creatures are now easy to distinguish
  • Reduced quest givers displayed at the same time
  • Allow user to resize cube arena window (see note)
  • Replaced interact key by right click
  • New indicator when you can interact with something
  • Item drawer : display hold item on the right of the screen
  • Item drawer : always display item no matter its position
  • Item drawer : Display voxels
  • Item drawer : animation when changing current item
  • Item drawer : item drawer is a little slower than camera


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