7 Days To Die Alpha 5 is on Steam

Yesterday, the Alpha 5 version of 7 Days To Die has been published on Steam. The game is available with a 15% discount here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/251570

You can find servers on the ingame server browser or here: http://7daystodie-servers.com/version/alpha_5/



  • Added new higher quality deferred lighting and checkbox in video options to switch it on and off for low and high end computers
  • Added new clouds, sun color and fog color spectrums so each biome is unique
  • Added biome transitions so they blend between colors smoothly
  • Added the ability for Dogs to get through 1 meter holes
  • Added new zombie crawler who crawls on the ground and can get through 1 meter block holes
  • Added water specular highlights for sun/moon
  • Added new organic material so corpses play the correct impact sounds
  • Added empty tin cans to loot
  • Added scrap metal recipe from tin cans
  • Added new destroy organic sound set so destroying corpses makes the right sounds
  • Added new footstep organic sound set so walking over corpses sounds squishy
  • Added recipes for gas cans from cornmeal and water
  • Added recipes for oil drums from gas cans
  • Added new loot safe, loot stump, loot suitcase and loot corpse sounds and Integrated new loot sounds
  • Add 4th ultra shadow distance setting of 80-90 blocks
  • Added Allow friend invites from dedicated server
  • Added SteamID for banning and file saving
  • Added new game options for zombies running always, never and default run night walk day
  • Added new organic particle for destroying corpses
  • Added sandstone recipe
  • Added buckshot item which can be crafted from lead ingots
  • Added feathers & shotguns to zombie loot


  • Changed damage on tools to compensate for degradation
  • Changed it so Zombie dogs break through dirt and wood faster
  • Changed dirt, grass & stone for new high quality deferred render settings
  • Changed balancing of the bone shiv & hunting knife
  • Changed Items like the club so they don’t have a wireframe target focus any more
  • Changed it so in steam builds the steam id is used to save the player data file
  • Changed shaders to improve the look of the day/night colors in the game
  • Changed female player club hold and attacks so more of the club is on screen at the beginning and end
  • Changed the mass of wood to 5 was 6 now roofs should not break that easy any more
  • Changed and darkened Corn specular to look better with advanced lighting
  • Changed Increased head damage on knives & pickaxe
  • Changed trash loot to drop more items
  • Changed shotguns to not destroy blocks so easily
  • Changed zombie dog offset so his head doesn’t clip into the player when attacking
  • Changed removed degradation from femurs & lowered their damage output slightly
  • Changed reworked water textures
  • Changed bucket recipe to use forging metal instead of ingots
  • Changed shotguns to not destroy blocks so easily
  • Changed zombie dog offset so his head doesn’t clip into the player when attacking
  • Changed text descriptions for difficulty settings
  • Changed text descriptions for zombie run settings
  • Changed all game modes should default to the 1. Scavenger setting for new players
  • Changed Increased chance to find a pistol on zombie loot
  • Changed bolt recipe to use small rocks instead of scrap metal
  • Changed Increased number of bolts crafted from the recipe from 4 to 12
  • Changed Increased number of feathers found in nests
  • Changed Deleted arrow recipe until bows are finished
  • Changed Increased chance to get more venison
  • Changed Fat zombies now use backpack and purse loot
  • Changed regular zombies always drop some loot
  • Changed shotgun shell recipe to use buckshot instead of lead ingots
  • Changed crossbow bolt recipe to use small rocks instead of scrap metal and it has a greater arrow yield

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem that on a server when a client disconnected, 2 threads were not stopped
  • Fixed bug that in create world mode when pressing Shift the wireframe focus of the block didn’t go into the target block any more
  • Fixed problem that bushes, trees and cactus decorations we’re sometimes rotated wrong
  • Fixed problem that rockets went through metal trussing
  • Fixed problem when connecting to server where the client could not hit the ESC key and cancel the action
  • Fixed problem where zombies and animals sometimes danced on bushes
  • Fixed block preview shader so that alpha cutout blocks like metal trussing are displayed correctly
  • Fixed block preview position so that it should fit the “real position”. E.G. placing ia block nto water and into grass lead to a wrong preview
  • Fixed crash when there was a blank “ “ at the end of a game name. Now this isn’t allowed
  • Fixed connection problem from Pre 4
  • Fixed dog pain animation from spamming
  • Fixed glowing dusk fog in city/forest biomes
  • Fixed an oversight causing more zombie cops/spiders/hornets to spawn than intended
  • Fixed mattress placing
  • Fixed bug that the held block was black sometimes
  • Fixed bug that caused the player to slow down with water effects when near water blocks
  • Fixed Z-fighting in corn items
  • Fixed missing icons on mattress items
  • Fixed it so zombies don’t get stuck at a garage door any more
  • Fixed weight on pig, stag and rabbit so they don’t get moved as much by physics
  • Fixed bug where the bucket doesn’t remove water blocks anymore
  • Fixed a bug where zombies spawn on the roof of houses. Now they spawn in the houses
  • Fixed all chairs so they can be picked up
  • Fixed deer to drop less bones than meat
  • Fixed zombies respawning at POI upon entering game
  • Fixed the zombie “dog head clipping problem”
  • Fixed concrete blocks to use concrete impacts
  • Fixed Offset dog root joint towards head so they don’t clip through things
  • Fixed bug where restore defaults were not setting all game options to the defaults
  • Fixed zombies so they all run when always run option is selected
  • Fixed In “Never Run” mode the zombies reach the player better
  • Fixed torch placement problems. Now torch can also be placed in the middle of a block again

Known Issues

  • When you light a pipebomb and don’t throw it, it will explode but the pipebomb is not “deleted”/removed from your inventory. If you die, all of them are dropped, including the one that exploded.
  • Players can sometimes get stuck in small vertical spaces less than 2 blocks high like on top of a cinder block or trash pile
  • Mac builds need to quit game via the task manager

Source: http://7daystodie.com/alpha-5-is-on-steam-2/



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