Vox is available on Steam

Vox is now available on Steam Early Access and is 10% (until November 19th).

To buy the game on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/252770/

The game has been also updated to version 0.41.


    • Allow for minimized GUIWindows to be placed further down the bottom of the screen.
    • Allow for setting custom minimize and close button on GUIWindows.
    • Allow inventory and character GUI to be opened when weapon editor is still open.
    • Clear all multiplayer send data when destroying class.
    • Don’t render or update flying enemies when they are due to be erased.
    • Don’t set the world generated flag when we are in a multiplayer game.
    • Fix for editing clothing items – dont default to head slot.
    • Fix for items reloading when loading the same world.
    • Fix for loading and unloading particle effects in the paperdoll GUI screen.
    • Fix lots of memory leaks in the new GUI assets and screens.
    • Fix memory leaks in the Block sprites – Dont use texture vertex buffer.
    • Fix occasional crash loading in the world when you ‘fast-clicked’ through the menus.
    • Fix so GUIWindow titlebars are always visible and active, even when minimized.
    • Loading screen progress bar pixel perfect.
    • Make sure that we dont erase jumping enemies if they are waiting on animation finish.
    • Only render deferred textures when we have the correct GUI screens open.
    • Re-position GUIWindows when un-minimized.
    • Reset respawn button text colour on death.
    • Unload options menu in front-end when we go singleplayer, multiplayer or item library.
  • NEW
    • Add furnace and anvil recipes to crafting table.
    • Allow all different GUI screens to have their own particle effects.
    • Better sand block colour – more saturated.
    • Better sound effects for player hit.
    • Improve the in-game nameplate textures on items, NPCs and online players.
    • Make sure generated house is made of stone blocks (and not snow!).
    • Red and Blue flags pickup and drop when player killed.
    • Remove old/dead animation code from the select character screen.
    • Smoother animation when walking up single blocks.
    • Sound effects for monsters attacking/shooting.
    • Sound effects for skeleton hit and death.
    • Sounds effects for mimics and bees hitting and jumping.

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