Updates of the week

StarMade 0.09473

A new version of StarMade has been released to fix a security leak.


Brutal Nature 0.32

Version 0.32 for Brutal Nature has been released for both client and server. This huge update fix all know bugs, add table for crafting, recipes, new items and lot of new features.


Masterspace 2.3

Version 2.3 of Masterspace has been released with new creatures, new plants, new perks and bug fixes.


UemeU 0.19.0

New features and bugs fixes in Secret Squirrel, the latest update for UemeU. The game should be also available on Greenlight very soon.


Blockscape snapshot 5064.19570

New snapshots for Blockscape are now released every week. The multiplayer is now working again, new features, bug fixes, etc…


Infinite Pixels 0.4.0 / 50% off

Alpha 0.4.0 of Infinite Pixels should be coming out today, with improved character, complete saving system, improved enemy AI and lot of other things.  To celebrate this update, the game is 50% off on Desura (€1.99).


Space Engineers 01.006.010

If you want to follow the progress of Space Engineers, the changelog for each updates are available here: http://forums.keenswh.com/?forum=326211



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