7 Days To Die Alpha 3

7 Days To Die Alpha 3 is now out and ready to download, only ten days after the release of Alpha 2. This new version include a server browser fix, improvements to the control panel, AI improvements and fixes, new recipes and much more.

If you are looking for servers to play on, you can use the ingame servers browser or the web servers list here: http://7daystodie-servers.com/version/alpha_3/

Official Alpha 3 Release Notes


  • Added lead ingot recipe
  • Added new hard metal door made from ingots
  • Added recipe for wooden shingle cubes, wedges, wedged corners and wooden shingle pyramids so wooden shingle homes can be made
  • Added iron sights to M136 Rocket Launcher & Degradation
  • Added stack limits to Aloe cream, first aid bandages
  • Created hay bale recipe from brown grass which can be used to break your fall from a high places
  • Added Plant Fibers recipe from brown grass
  • Added torch recipe from sticks and brown grass
  • Added new player_ointment sound for applying aloe vera
  • Degradation now affects the damage all weapons do, to blocks as well to entities
  • Added full new female zombie sound set
  • Added some new male zombie sounds
  • Added recipe for planks from tree tips
  • Added recipe for planks from tree tips
  • Added aloe vera cream apply sound
  • Added new Auger sound set
  • Added new auger_empty and chainsaw empty sound when your out of gas
  • Added new auger_reload and chainsaw_reload sounds and animations
  • Added new bucketfill_water, bucketplace_water and bucketbail_water sounds for new bucket and water functions (Rick)
  • Added Left mouse button on an empty bucket bails 9 water blocks
  • Added Right mouse button on an empty bucket now uses 5 water blocks to fill the bucket
  • Added Game browser client refresh improvements with master server


  • Reduced probability of finding rocket launchers in safes
  • Changed it so falling blocks don’t spawn items any more
  • Changed desk to use nightstand loot instead of safe loot
  • Changed iron ingots so get 9 instead of 10 ingots
  • Changed metal trussing so you can shoot through it and zombies see through it
  • Changed scrap iron door to not be as strong
  • Changed pipe bombs to not destroy the world as much
  • Changed Wooden quarter stairs to place inverted
  • Changed Aloe cream recipe to require a jar
  • Changed Aloe cream so it heals the player when used
  • Changed all grass so it drops Brown Grass on destroy
  • Renamed Yucca Fibers to Plant Fibers
  • Changed animal dead bodies to stay for 60 seconds (Joel)
  • Changed algorithm for calculating explosion damage to blocks
  • Re-factored chunk generation
  • Blocks destroyed when falling on stability drop only items if the fall distance is less than 3 meters
  • Removed telnet support on a dedicated server. Control panel is the only choice now
  • Items dropped on death of a player now stay for 3 minutes instead of 1
  • Changed older couches to fit the old town theme
  • Changed algorithm how explosions damages blocks for tuning improvements
  • Changed it so the Rocket launcher doesn’t get removed it degradation is “empty” it jams now
  • Auto saving now random chunks that need to be saved
  • Placing water from a bucket now only spreads 2 blocks
  • Changed rotating death camera is now only 50% speed
  • Removed god mode when cheat menu is used
  • Did a rare loot container balance pass so most larger enterable structures have a least one rare type of loot container usually hard to find
  • Replaced ping with country code in game browser
  • Changed control panel disable/enable server options to default to disable

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that hunting rifle zoom was scrollable
  • Fixed Auger is rendered smaller in players hands
  • Fixed Spanish, French and German translations
  • Fixed glass panes so they can be placed on any wall the correct angle
  • Fixed Hulk vomits at any angle out of the back of his head. Now if you happen to get behind the zombie when he started his vomit attack, his head isn’t rotated in an unnatural angle any more
  • Fixed control panel so that it also works when the next (and overnext, etc) round started
  • Fixed Fat Zombie cop vomits and attacks blocks at the same time sometimes
  • Fixed tree tips to drop tree tip blocks
  • Fixed lowered volume of overdriven chainsaw fire sound
  • Hopefully fixed the problem that sometimes polygons shown invisible
  • Fix crash when ending the game on server browser screen
  • Fixed NAT punchthrough sometimes doesn’t work as it should for some users
  • Zombie dogs and animals shouldn’t climb ladders any more
  • Fixed problem that when setting maxplayers to 4 only 3 players could connect on a server
  • Fixed Zombies don’t head for “not yet spawned” zombies any more
  • Made first floor in wasteland governors building set 3 blocks high for more jumping room and to prevent getting stuck
  • Continue game screen titles don’t update properly when re-entering game
  • Fixed problem when Multiplayer servers sometimes don’t show up on the game browser
  • Fixed Control Panel command errors form bad characters
  • Fixed zombies hoping on curbs
  • Fixed Zombies dancing zombies near 2 block high fences
  • Fixed Zombies over-running their target position
  • Fixed Animals sometimes run in circles
  • Fixed problem with master server list
  • Fixed Zombies jumping and dancing at spike traps
  • Fixed Control panel can now kick and ban users

Known Issues

  • Animals get knocked back quite far when hit
  • When you light a pipebomb and don’t throw it, it will explode but the pipebomb is not “deleted”/removed from your inventory. If you die, all of them are dropped, including the one that exploded.
  • Stability on Bridges are still a little weak in the middle
  • Players can sometimes get stuck in small vertical spaces less than 2 blocks high like on top of a cinder block or trash pile
  • Sometimes there are missing polygons in the world

Source: http://7daystodie.com/alpha-3-is-out-oh-my/

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