StarMade 0.0943

A new version for StarMade is available. The version 0.0943 fixes lot of bugs and add several optimizations.


  • fixed crash on faulty sector loading
  • fixed crash when missile is trying to be updated in sector that gets unloaded
  • fixed crash when object tries to get added into sector that just unloaded
  • fixed memory leak where segments would not be cleaned up on client
  • redesigned segment (chunk) request system to be more robust, and more efficient
  • fixed bug that would stop requesting segments
  • structures are now completely loaded on servers without having to move around
  • fixed crash when ships are loaded with metadata that exceed the buffer size
  • optimized IO operations by using thread pools and a finer lock granularity
  • better synchronization for file handle checking (exception on server: “Having to reopen closed file”). Possible fix for “too many files open”
  • fixed server local crash (causes freeze and spams exceptions) when player enters a ship directly from the gravity of another ship (physics cleanup wasn’t done properly in some occasions)

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