Cube World is still in development

After months of silence, Wollay, the developer of Cube World, has posted a tweet about the status of the game.

Don’t be concerned, we’re still working on Cube World. We just have a lot of additional work to do at the moment.

It it better than nothing, but two months for that… And no apologies. For the games developers that are reading us, you have the perfect example of the most pathetic way of dealing with his community and customers.

Customers? Yes, the Alpha of Cube World was not free. And you cannot sell an unfinished products, make tons of promise and disappear for months without a single news.

He needed to focus on the development? This kind of tweet don’t take more than 2 minutes to be made. Last update for Cube World was released on July 13th, three months ago. Customers have waited three months to get a news about the game they have bought… Very professionnal.



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