Patterns Update .04a

A new update has been released some days ago for Patterns.

One of the main feature of this update is a new gravity:

One of the new feature that we think you’ll really enjoy is what we’ve called “Escher Gravity.” Gravity will now no longer just pull towards the center of the planet. Now it’s based off what is below you – making a digital version of an Escher-esque painting a possibility for everyone!

Changelog for update .04a

Use gravity as a tool and check out the new possibilities! Can you build an Escher Staircase?

  • Patterns gravity is now called “Escher gravity”.
  • Gravity no longer pulls to the center of the planet and instead is based on what’s below the player.
  • When digging underground, down is defined by the direction one enters underground.

Please check out our wiki for detailed instructions.

  • Patterns now uses fully dynamic lighting with light emanating from the character, lava and moonstone substances.
  • The Lantern is a new formation which can be used to shed light on darker areas. To build it place 3 silver tetrahedrons, 1 moonstone octahedron in the center, and another silver tetrahedron on top.
  • Turn Lanterns on and off by hitting the moonstone shape with your beam.

Runestone Signs
Write on Runestone top tiles to leave messages for other players in their worlds!

  • To use, simply place a Runestone top tile on any square surface and double-click, then type, and hit enter.
  • The font will shrink to fit on the cube so play around with multiple faces to write in larger Font Sizes.


  • Improved camera for digging and mining.
  • Confined spaces will no longer be as troublesome.
  • Transparency on the player avatar will make maneuvering through the world easier – no more blocked view!


    • We’ve started using a Peer to Peer implementation to allow easier connectivity to games.
    • Password support for private game hosting.
    • There’s a new game lobby for hosted multiplayer games in the main menu. This will allow players to find games easily.

Bug Fixes

  • A variety of multiplayer bug fixes are in this patch due to the new Peer to Peer implementation.
  • Main menu UI fixes and flow improvements are included.
  • Players list is no longer available in single player games.

Known Issues

  • Previously saved planets are not set up for Escher gravity.
  • The Lanterns are unbreakable until they are turned into free patterns.
  • There’s still an issue with memory consumption so save often and exit the game to free up memory especially when in larger worlds.
  • The new lighting effects on substances can cause some framerate issues if there are a lot on screen.
  • There is a known issue that causes instability in Patterns after playing for a while.  Please restart Patterns between levels for best results.



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