New game added : XenoGalaxies

XenoGalaxies is an indie PC Game, currently under development.

It’s a space exploration game where you can trade, craft, and blow stuff up, either in your own ship or on foot. You can take missions in space stations or on the planets, or just wander around building stuff or killing aliens. You choose what you want to do, so it’s a sandbox space game.

There are random events happening too, you may crash your ship and have to salvage / repair / craft / steal parts to be able to fly again, or have to survive an alien invasion.

Ships are done in voxels (cubes) on a custom engine, in the spirit of Minecraft, and characters / aliens / tools machinery are made of smaller cubes – with our own editor that handle animations, and that we may provide to the fans (think modding tools)

More informations about this game: XenoGalaxies on

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