New game added : Spark Rising

Spark Rising is a build + battle sandbox game from the creative minds at Wicked Loot. You build. You battle. You can share your creations with others, or just conquer them.

Build amazing fortresses, creatures and things

With our voxel game engine, you can build amazing environments, massive fortresses, vehicles, and all sorts of creatures. Lay down cube after cube to build exactly what you want, or place whole structures at once. We make it easy to build, enhance, and customize your creations.

Battle against a massive invasion

Take your creations and then fight back against an invasion. It could be aliens that use strategy to weaken you. Or it could highly coordinated squadrons of mechs. Or rampaging dinos. Or swarming zombies. The game puts you into the heart of the action, via 3rd person perspective, as you pew pew pew against cubes cubes cubes. But you aren’t along in your battle. Build and upgrade turrets, barricades, and traps. Command your squad to aid you in battle. Fight back via long range attacks or jump into the thick of battle with melee.

Share your creations

And just when you think the story mode is over, the game opens up and you can create and share your creations with our wicked modding platform. Or if you are the war faring kind, just conquer everyone across the galaxy. Where this game goes depends on how far you take it.


More informations about this game: Spark Rising on


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