Cube Arena demo 1.28

If you want to test Cube Arena, a new version of the free demo is available. The version 1.28 allow users to play as many players as they want, and include a third person camera mode.

You can download the demo here:



  • You can now save as many player as you want (../Save (Players)/)
  • List players menu
  • Rename player menu
  • 2 save directories : /Save (Players) and /Save (Worlds)
  • All textboxes now have the same size as multiplayer ones
  • World game information (explored, date, etc…)
  • Planet explorer : animated background
  • Planet descriptor : animated background
  • Avatar icon (top left corner)
  • Third person camera (press f5)
  • Third person camera : automatic zoom
  • Third person camera : construction/destruction
  • Third person camera : decor system
  • Same fov (projection) for both cameras
  • Multiplayer : third person camera


  • Fixed flying ranged characters killed themselves
  • Fixed multiplayer world in single player mode


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