7 Days To Die Alpha 1.1

The Alpha 1.1 of 7 Days To Die has been released today. This new version fixes lot of bugs, add Mac support and improves performance.


  • Mac version support
  • New recipes for brick, decayed brick, pavers red wood
  • Fixed console pop up on errors bug
  • Improved Memory management
  • Duplicate item exploit fixed
  • Fixed damage delay on spike traps for the player
  • Fixed bug that when placing chest it was filled with loot
  • Fixed bug that zombies dance on stairs
  • Fixed bug that fat zombie broke the stairs
  • Server checks client on connection if this client is activated
  • Max player limit is now 6 in GUI mode
  • Password is encrypted now in registry and on web access
  • Fixed bug when close shots went through zombies
  • Fixed bug that doors had wrong orientation on placing them
  • Fixed problem that if during reloading clip was removed gun was full though by removing clip on start of reload
  • Fixed exploit that two people could pick up an item at the same time
  • New dedicated server command line syntax

To find 1.1 servers to play: http://7daystodie-servers.com/version/alpha_1_1/

Source: http://7daystodie.com/alpha-1-1-official-release-notes/

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