XenoMiner 2.02 – Multiplayer Is Coming

A small update for XenoMiner has been released. But this update is still important as it add initial groundwork for multiplayer.

What  doesn’t show in this update but is really exciting is that we’re in  Week 2 of having a full time developer. PC players will be glad to know  that we have made great strides in bringing PC multiplayer into  fruition. We’re now in the debugging stages of implementing this  feature, so look for it soon!



– Inventory Tutorial fixed.
– Mob spawn radius tightened (more action).
– Mob path-finding improvements (less lag).
– Mob AI updated to include more action variety.
– Several crash fixes on edge cases.
– Lit wall panels fixed.
– Fixed up/down arrows on the CentriForge

Source: http://www.indiedb.com/games/xenominer/news/xenominer-202-update

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