StarMade 0.09387 & 0.093871

StarMade 0.09387 & 0.093871 have just been released. These updates are a huge batch of bugfixes.

To find a server running 0.093871:


  • Fixed physics glitching
  • Fixed recipes
  • Left/right block orientation fix
  • Multiple face textures. The face of the astronaut can be now changed on the fly with the left/right arrow keys. This is just a prototype. Please look at the default texture for where to put the extra faces
  • Astronaut head movement: The head of the astronaut will now be looking up and down depending on where the player is looking
  • Neutral AI: neutral AI will no longer fire on factions that consider neutrals enemies (not a perfect solution)
  • Gravity overriding: gravity can now be overwritten when activating another gravity module while still in gravity
  • Severely decreased the chance of high level mineral spawning in chests and loot (each base chance times 0.3 chance -> lvl 5 is less then 1% chance)
  • In case a weapons computer is orientated to something other then the front it will now always shoot straight in that direction
  • added option to turn off drawing of the thruster plum (for slower machines)
  • thruster plums now represents how much thrust is added instead of current speed of object
  • fixed bug where blocks would not disconnect correctly when deleting computer block
  • fixed sound bug where cockpit sound would turn into outer sound
  • core engine sound and cockpit sound decreased in volume


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