Failed Kickstarter campaign for The Dyvox Sandbox

The Dyvox Sandbox has failed his Kickstarter campaign, but the good news is that the developement of the game will continue despite this fail.

Some words from the creator one day before the end of the campaign:

Promotion of the current build is fine. This kickstarter may not succeed, but there will be more coming in the future. I am currently working on some new core engine features to make the game much more interesting and even more dynamic. I have successfully added dynamic AI nav-meshing for quick re-calculation of walkable spaces. I also have created a very flexible core game AI system for characters with programmable tasks, routines and active states. Depending on how things go, I may even introduce my AdenineAI sub-system in future builds to give the AI powerful problem solving skills and better self-awareness.

Thanks to all who have supported the project! The game will continue in any case, although I can not establish the servers yet. I can say I have been very busy putting together a unique and very powerful mesh generator. Assuming all goes to plan, there will be some one-of-a-kind features on the horizon.



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