Vox 0.37 / 0.37.1

Some days ago, Vox 0.37 and 0.37.1 (hotfix) was released.

Changelog 0.37

New Features:
* Support cubed town biomes.
* Give the companion HUD an enter and exit slide animation.
* Make the companion HUD disappear when other GUI on screen will overlap.
* Add region intro.
* Add town music.
* Fade between normal music and town music.
* Improved town and biome intros.
* Better handing of mouse cursor on dual screens.
* Make the mouse cursor centered to the Vox window, not the screen region.
* Add lantern torch object.
* Dynamically update the weapon customization pulldown menus when changing item type.
* Fade to/from black functionality.
* Add camera transtions for region and town intros.
* Enable 3D audio in the audio manager.
* Set listener position to be the camera position.
* Set music callback functions for when non-looping sounds end.
* Town audio has an intro AND a loop section.
* Allow NPCS to be pushed by the player and other NPCS (simple collisions).
* [Juice Engine] Make sure we can set the icon to a new textue.
* When in creation mode always set the icon texture to the correct filename.
* Dont exit/enter the companion HUD if we have no following companions.
* Use an load distance in the chunk management, rather than relying on draw distance.
* Make sure to unload scenery objects when chunks unload.
* Improve the chunk management when loading and unloading chunks based on load distance.
* Fix editing characters and creating new characters buttons.
* Don’t allow a character to be created without a name – null string.
* Add import saved character pulldown to the character creation screen.
* Populate the presets list from the saves characters from the export folder.
* Add desert theme music to desert biome.

* Fix the resolution pulldown staying open bug when we close the options screen.
* Fix menus and pulldown menus to have the correct scrolling and menu placement.
* Make sure to close pulldown menus when a GUI page is exiting.
* Make sure chunk unloading is done asynchronously.
* Don’t load the weapons particle effects if we are of type ‘ammo’.
* Only allow NPC interaction and monster target mode when the player isnt dead and is respawned.
* Add music function callbacks to FMD audio manager.
* Return grassland as default if we are not in a biome.
* Don’t render nameplates in region intros.
* Fix for modifying an equippable item that goes into the same slot after edit.
* Companion HUD exits when we do a region intro.

Changelog 0.37.1

New Features:
* Explosions now leave charred craters for surrounding blocks.
* Key and star objects.
* [Juice Engine] Add JsonCpp to juice engine utils library.

* Make sure to include a 32bit executable in the deployment package.

Source: http://www.vox-game.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=94 / http://www.vox-game.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=98

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