Vox 0.36

Some days ago a new version (0.36) for Vox has been released.

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New Features:
* Enemy targetting takes priority over NPC follow interaction button press.
* Make it so that player placed chests dont spawn coins on opening.
* Add bats as an enemies type, similar to bees.
* Add boomerang as a random loot item.
* Add sonar spell shot.
* Add ignore delay flag to damage functions.
* Add arrow to speech bubbles.
* Remove static portrait from speech bubbles.
* Proper In-game HUD display for speech NPCs.
* Render outline for NPC companions on the HUD party gui.
* Outline render for NPCs on speech HUD.
* Don’t display NPC overhead markers when following the player – we can’t talk to NPCs.
* Make sure that scenery objects that are generated during generation phase have a stability block.
* Generated scenery objects explode when the ground below them is destroyed.
* Create collectable blocks when the world is destroyed.
* Wood, sand, grass, dirt, stone and rock blocks.
* Add wooden crafting items and recipes.
* Don’t export pickup items to file, such as coins, hearts, blocks, etc
* Add a debug ‘lag’ simulator to test out low FPS gameplay.
* Fix the falling into the world bug and jerky camera when low FPS.
* Don’t pickup items or magnet towards the player when dead.
* Item spawning is like the enemy spawning – asynchronously now.
* Don’t spawn chests or ore in towns.
* Make sure the player never spawns inside the world or inside a tree.

* Fix damage type for ghosts – Death text.
* Make sure that Creation GUI is considered a GUI window.
* Fix placed torched offset and scale from chests.
* Fix bug where poison damage would case an invicibility delay.
* Only allow NPC follow interaction if we dont have a speech bubble open.
* Fix the finger selection animation on the speech bubble.
* Dont update some managers when on the loading screen i.e. enemy manager.
* Convert the countdown managers to pointers for better memory management.
* Fix the crafting GUI destructor crash.
* Make the world loading and setup more streamlined.

Source: http://www.vox-game.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=85

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