StarMade 0.09376: Economy, Performance & UDP

StarMade version 0.09376 has been released few hours ago. This new version bring a lot of changes and bugfixes.

To find a server running 0.09376 version:

  • Dynamic prices in shops based on stock
  • Improve in the graphics render core
  • Servers can use UDP instead of TCP (servers running in UDP mode can’t be queried)
  • Several blueprint upgrades
  • Physics stuck protection
  • fixed server crash when ship with custom blocks is uploaded or spawned
  • custom blocks will be missing from spawned ships that are uploaded
  • improved performance of ships being loaded or spawned with docked ships
  • fixed docking area not updating when last enhancer gets disconnected
  • fixed bug that would warp ships with structures docked to them to the center of the sector while loading
  • usernames now must be between 3 and 32 long, and must contain at least one letter
  • server-sided username check added
  • improved synchronization by slow checking transformations
  • white block brightened up

Source & full changelog:

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