StarForge 0.4.6

Version 0.4.6 of StarForge is available since some days. This version add another vehicle, a saving feature, a new procedural weapons system and some improves to the fort defense.


  • Game saving, including autosave
  • Hovercrafts (craftable)
  • More feedback provided during Fort Defense mode
  • The leech are now animated entirely by the physics engine.
    • Realtime stats shown at the top of the screen
    • More stats shown on the game over popup (now with rank names!)
  • On-screen damage indicator shows source of damage taken
  • Re-implemented procedural weapons
  • Adjusted visual effects to more closely imitate what the human eye does in extreme light conditions


  • Changed the StarForge logo
  • Placed turrets are now fastened in place
  • The leech can now appear with a variety of stats that are reflected by colored markings on it
  • Tweaked many of the costs for crafting items
  • Tweaked a bunch of values on the truck to make it easier to drive
  • More improvements to clouds
  • Improvements to various internal architectures to help with future extensibility
  • Changes to trees
    • Improved performance
    • Reduced memory usage
    • Improved visuals
    • Implemented physics
  • Inventory screen now displays ALL items the player has, whether they’re equipped or not.
    • If an item is equipped, it is now highlighted with a different color.
  • Changes to weapon audio
    • The audio for the chainsaw has been revamped and made more dynamic
    • Added more variety for different gun types, such as chainguns
  • You can no longer respawn while you’re still alive
  • You must now be within a certain radius of the vat to craft items, this is shown visually when you open your inventory
  • Improved performance in a variety of areas
    • Weather
    • Audio
    • AI
  • Available blueprints are now different depending on the game mode you are playing
  • Entities on the same team take reduced damage from their teammates
  • Crafting is now referred to as Forging

Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes procedural weapons would make nonsensical weapons. That hasn’t been removed. However, it has been lessened
  • Fixed a variety of bugs in the inventory screen, most of which were fixable by closing and re-opening it
  • Small fixes in visuals of procedural terrain
  • Rocket/Laser turrets firing logic changed
    • No longer damage the vat
    • Will not shoot at a target if there is no line of sight
  • Fixed a variety of network related issues
  • Using the mouse wheel to scroll your inventory no longer switches weapons at the same time


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