Planet Explorers 0.605

A new version for Planet Explorers has been published. The version 0.605 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s really good to see developer taking care of each plaftform.


  • fixed the bug in adventure mode, so you can play that now
  • fixed a lot of the bugs in multiplayer, so now your name can be shorter than 6 characters
  • started doing the rebalancing we talked about last time, no sentries yet
  • speed up the npc run movements a lot
  • fixed a bunch of story bugs
  • this build should use less ram and is more stable
  • fixed the crash on equipping battery in multiplayer
  • mission items now update in real time in ui Windows
  • tree chopping saves for a bit so it doesn’t start over if the player stops
  • tree chopping icon doesn’t move
  • digging bug fixed, much easier to dig now
  • tweaked the durability numbers
  • you can now dig up tin
  • lots of other small bug fixes


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