Masterspace 2.1

Masterspace version 2.1 has been released.

The download link is available here:


New features:

  • Perks are awarded for achieving culture point milestones
  • Cactus generator
  • New materials: Cactus, Desert sand
  • Descriptions added to frontend settings
  • Double click may be used to quickly move inventory stacks
  • Support for multiple liquid materials
  • New liquid type: Lava
  • Introduced humidity parameter in planet generation
  • Support for asteroids in the planetary system generator
  • Welding of objects to terrain and buildings
  • New objects: Meteorite deflector, Flagpole, Teleporter, Wall lamp, Light fixture, Large turret
  • New tool: Repair tool
  • Swimming implemented
  • Support for custom music playlists
  • Custom key bindings
  • Different atmosphere compositions
  • Saving of Lua variables to file


  • Meteorite frequency decreased
  • Meteorite frequency may be set per planet
  • Turret is now smaller
  • Turret should now target meteorites
  • Improved flight controls
  • Most objects are now bottom-heavy
  • Duration of smoke for flares decreased to a few seconds
  • New main menu screen

Bug fixes:

  • Botanic assembler is functional again
  • Fixed rare crash in water simulation
  • Fixed terrain modification crash due to heavy CPU load
  • Added error message when multiplayer connection fails
  • Mouse movement should now work properly at low FPS
  • Fixed character getting stuck in terrain
  • Spaceships are now removed when destroyed
  • Fixed throwing when placing object bug
  • Clients in multiplayer may control spaceships again

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