Vox 0.34 and a new trailer

Version 0.34 of Vox has been released.


  • Add int seed to random number generator.
  • Don’t do smooth camera interpolations when in first person mode – it makes the camera lag behind!
  • Add Biome Manager.
  • Proper scenery geometry for different biomes.
  • Only save out the scenery and chunk data if we are not overriding it.
  • Increase shadow draw distance.
  • Bombs damage NPCs when they explode.
  • NPCs don’t fall or move while they are respawning.
  • Make GUI appear on top of companions HUD.
  • Random drop direction when dropping items from the inventory.
  • Mimics drop a random loot item when you kill them.
  • Remove the player floor finder timer, was causing loading bar glitches.
  • Frozen flying enemies can’t rotate or look at targets while frozen.

Source: http://www.indiedb.com/games/vox/downloads/vox-v034

A new gameplay trailer (based on 0.34) has been also published

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