Vox 0.32

Vox 0.32 has been released. This big update brings lot of new features (Map and minimap support, NPC companions, Quest journal, town generation, castle walls, Better performance…) and bugfixes.

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**UPDATE** Version 0.33 is out to fix critical bugs: http://www.indiedb.com/games/vox/downloads/vox-v033

Here is the complete changelog:

New Features:
  • Add chunk loading text to load screen.
  • Better smooth camera transition in and out of target camera – lag the camera follow behaviour.
  • Allow NPCs to min other minerals – copper, iron, silver, gold.
  • Allow NPCs and Enemies to shoot freezing and poison arrows.
  • Add map rendering functionality.
  • Add minimap to the HUD.
  • Transition from Large map to minimap by pressing ‘M’.
  • Map zooming with mouse scrollwheel.
  • Player map render.
  • NPC map render.
  • Enemies on the map and minimap.
  • Chunks are uncovered as the player encounters them for the map.
  • Save visibility information into the chunk files, so the map loads properly on reload.
  • Companion NPC HUD display.
  • NPC companion HEAD model diplayed on HUD when in a party.
  • Party health bars and names on HUD.
  • Quest Journal GUI screen – opened and closed by pressing ‘J’.
  • Quest progress and status is now saved to file and loaded.
  • Proper staff cast animation and weapon type.
  • New accessory type – orbital elemental crystals.
  • Only render the NPC weapons if we are following the player.
  • Don’t render the orbitals when we are dead.
  • Massive improvements to NPC and enemy combat.
  • Take out DT deltatime hacks.
  • Arrows, shots and explosions now affect NPCs.
  • Allowing for omni-directional house generation.
  • Improve house generation algorithm.
  • Importing and exporting items in the world.
  • Better world generation phase.
  • Allow windows to be destroyed when a house is generated.
  • Proper storage of scenery and geometry after a worlf has been generated.
  • Add editing table.
  • Add crafting anvil.
  • Improvements to crafting GUI.
  • Crafting GUI now displays the item recipe requirements when selecting an item to craft.
  • Better anvil position, for crafting.
  • Fix camera CalculateAngles() function – works for all cases now.
  • Add debug toggle to enable/disable all chunk rendering.
  • Make sure we always chunk sort during an initial load.
  • Don’t do creation mode actions if the creation GUI is unloading (world back-pressed bug).
  • Improve how the player HUD components are updated.
  • Better minimap opening and closing with other GUI screens.
  • Spell shots get erased if they travel too far.
  • Better NPC spawning, respawning and timings.
  • Better fire, ice, poison damage attributes.
  • Set proper pickup animation for torches.
  • Improve chunk stability by making sure the visibility flag gets reset when scenery cannot be setup.
  • Fix interpolator iterator crash – caused general instability when interpolating.
  • Don’t let NPCs attack when they are dead or not respawned yet.
  • Distinction between ADDING a bounding region and CREATING one.
  • Better HUD positioning for companions, for Cinematic bars also.
  • Make player spell shots also do damage to NPCs as well.
  • Make sure to reset the scroll bar disabled when more items are added.
  • Also delete the world item file when deleting a world.

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