StarForge 0.4.5 – Infinite Terrain

StarForge 0.4.5 is now available. It’s a huge update which brings lots of new features, like “Infinite Terrain”.

Vast plains, sprawling mountains and twisting caverns.
Procedural infinite terrain has arrived, prepare yourself to wonder about this randomly generated world.
Get lost in dark caverns, or scale to the highest mountain top! Every time you load in, you will get a new experience.
Be careful and keep your eyes to the sky though, a blizzard or thunderstorm could roll in at any moment!

New user interface.
Enjoy the new dynamic UI, as it grows with you, and organizes your inventory for you based on category and type.

Highlighted features and changes.
There has been visual improvements to the day and night cycle, including light rays from the sun.
The hot-bar now simply fades, instead of scrolling off the screen. That way it is still visible to player, without getting in the way.
You now craft throwable items, instead of having an infinite source. They are crafted in your inventory, like other items. Instead of throwing them with a simple key, you now bind them to your skill bar like other items,
then simply press that key to throw them. The vehicle is now easier to spawn, you now place it like you would a turret. Though, the gun on the thing is still busted, leeches keep chewing on the cables.
You can now toggle Depth of Field (DoF) in the options menu.

Still no procedural guns, we are real sorry about that. We are still revamping the system, they will be back soon, within the coming weeks.


Source and full changelog are here:


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